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Many people struggle with achieving their nutrition goals and managing their diets.  We feel one of the major keys to success in managing your nutritional goals and diet is...  Recording your meals in a journal... You'd be surprised what you eat and how you eat, once you see it in writing. When you write it down, you get, among other things, a truly accurate picture of what is going into your mouth and what is going on with your diet. We will provide you with the on-line tools and more importantly, the education to not only document your dietary habits, but also learn what to do to change them and still enjoy what you eat! Our program will provide guidance to ensure you're getting ample amounts of all the critical macronutrients, micronutrients, and the development of meal plans, matching your diet to your caloric burn rate, sample recipes and even produces a grocery list to assist in your grocery shopping.

Stand Alone Nutrition Plans



An important part our program is teaching clients how to eat to lose weight, gain weight, bulk up, increase endurance or modify your overall body composition. We teach you everything you need to know to create your Optimum Body through a healthy nutritional plan. Our expertise will help you reshape your body and on average you can expect to lose up to 2 to 5 inches off of your waist in the first month.  Also we add another level of accountability and awareness by asking our clients to complete an on-line interactive food journal once a week.  This part of an effective dietary and nutritional program provides critical data that allows for detailed dialogue that supports results and changes in your body composition. Over the course of the program there will be various communications in regards to eating out, ordering in, cooking, grocery shopping, and supplementation.


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An interactive on-line Nutritional Consultation program that provides critical data, allowing for detailed dialogue that supports results and change in your body composition. Over the course of the program there will be various conversations in regards too, eating out, ordering in, cooking, grocery shopping, and supplementation. As well as the development of a comprehensive dietary plan, designed with your input,  that supports your lifestyle, tastes and possibly including a cheat meal or two.


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Exercise Nutrition Plans




The key to obtaining your Optimum Body is to realign your diet with your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or build muscle, you need to create a sustainable, tailored eating pattern that will produce the results you want. If you ignore your diet, your body through exercise alone won’t change how you want it to, and you will never really achieve your Optimum Body.

And that’s where we step in. Your personalized, unique Diet Assessment and Nutrition Plan shows you how to eat in line with your fitness goals, making it  easier to achieve the results you want and deserve.

First, you’ll complete our on-line food questionnaire and food log. Our Certified Fitness Nutrition Advisor will carefully analyze your eating patterns and food choices before making suggestions on which foods to eliminate from your diet, add to your diet and also provide a list of optional replacement options and snacks.  Your nutritional plan - complete with recipes, grocery lists and supplementation - will be uniquely developed with your body composition and fitness goals in mind allowing you to personalize it to support your personal tastes and desires.


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Your exercise nutrition plan won’t result in you going hungry, or eating foods that you don’t like. The changes we suggest are easy and comfortable to apply. Our previous clients have found it easy to make these changes, and we are very confident you’ll feel the same.  The program even provides you with the option to substitute similar food choices. 

You’ll receive your assessment via our members' only online portal, and will also be available in our members’ area for you to read online, download and print.

We don’t do ‘fad’ diets, such as those focused on a single food. Instead, we recommend bringing healthy whole foods into your daily diet alongside an enjoyable Fitness Program.  But if you're having success utilizing a diet, or you're on a dietary plan with another company, our software program can easily accommodate this.  You’ll find it easier to eat right, transform your body and most importantly, make it a life style change that you can live with on your path to developing your Optimum Body.

Whatever your goals, whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or build muscle, both your tailored Nutrition Assessment and Fitness Program will provide you the direction and motivation you require to achieve the results you want.


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